Friday, November 14, 2014

Memorial hard hat for KB

Young man lost his life to early and donated his organs so others could live.  One of the family contacted me to make this hard hat to remember him.  Broke my heart reading the email that was sent to me.  Email with his story below picture.

El Reno Indians, football, hard hat, in memory of kb
My name is michael hoefler .. I was wanting to have a hard hat made... I am a Flowback hand for devon energy in Oklahoma... Back in March my sister s son was killed in a horrific car accident... He was only 16 years old.. He was an amazing young man.. Starting quarterback for high school football team, #1 in is class in in academics, and very strong christian.... He used to tell me all the time ," uncle Michael I can do all things thru Christ and you can too" He was an amazing kid!! A month before he was killed his dad took him to get his drivers license and they talked about being a organ donor on the way.. Karson told his dad .. If I die I want to still try to save people.. So he decided to be an organ donor... Well a month later he donated his heart,lungs,and his kidney s.. He saved 3 young lives .. Now those kids are a part of our family.. We have met them all and stay very close... It sure helped some of us .. We still have ruff times .. Karson was my 6 year old s hero !!! I am going to attach some photos of Karson Baker our angel.. I would love to come up something very cool and would love your help.. Football oriented ... His dad is the defensive coordinator for the team he played for.. (El Reno Indians) They are wonderful people!! My heart hurts for them everyday.. Thx in advance for anything you can help with.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

custom hard hats and welding helmet from this weekend

Texans welding hood painted this weekend.  Nice blue metal f lake
blue metal flake Houston Texans welding helmet

Oilfield hard hat with derrick pumpjack and sunset.  Nice camero painted on the back.