Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mapp Construction hard hats

Thanks to John F. with Mapp Construction.  We are starting 4 hard hats for them this week and another 5 next week.  Stay tuned for photos.
For those wondering, hard hats painting is something OSHA leaves up to the hard hat manufacture.  These are approved, they are just more expensive than the cheap ones most people wear.

Skullgard Caps and Hats feature heavy-duty construction for use in steel mills and other heavy industries where high temperatures are common.
Skullgard Caps and Hats meet or exceed the applicable requirements for a Type I helmet (top impact) as outlined in ANSI Z89.1 2003,Class G electrical-low voltage)
MSA Skullgard Hats are packed 16 to a case.
Withstands radiant heat loads up to, but not exceeding, 350°F
Smooth crown for easy use of MSA welding equipment 

The Brown Skullguard hard hats are a natural tan color made by strips of resin. The natural tan hard hats are not actually painted, so all of this type of hard hat will have this natural texturing especially around the curvatures of the hat. Some hats have more differences than others and it's not really a factory defect.
Alternatively, the white Skullguard hard hats are painted to cover up the variations.
Hard Hat

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